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At Re-considered we value resources.  We are passionate about re-considering materials in upcycled products and projects.  Our urban harvest of waste is rich in fascinating materials with untapped design potential.


We aim to challenge people to  rethink their relationship with"stuff".  As well as designing upcycled products we organise events and workshops in a variety of settings. These range from community swaps to being a partner in the B2B sustainability event ECO-FAIR.  


We are a co-operative and love to develop creative collaborations.  We bring our knowledge of waste together with designers and traditional Yorkshire businesses with, often unexpected results.  Do drop us a line if you are interested in some plotting and scheming with us.

Rethinking Resources and waste..


Handmade in Yorkshire ...


The Yorkshire textile industry is  rich in tradition and heritage.  It is globally recognised and respected for quality and, in recent years it has been undergoing a revival.  It is a great time for Yorkshire innovation and ingenuity.


We value that quality and tradition and have teamed up with a Yorkshire based industrial sewing specialist to develop our bags.  Introducing our manufacturing partner to upcycled materials and our way of thinking has been a great pleasure. We are planning lots more products already.